on the visit to Plymouth College of Further Education
of Baikal State University of Economics and Law (Russia, Irkutsk)
local Project Coordinator Irina Tsvigun and Project Manager Elena Meteleva

Tempus Project Coordinator's Meeting

Plymouth, United Kingdom

11 17 October 2005

Discussion of the project activities and planned outcomes

The discussion was devoted to the activities and planned outcomes of the project. Tatyana Malovichko's (Project coordinator) presented what's planned to be accomplished by the end of the project and how every participating institution is supposed to make its contribution.

Discussion of the forthcoming visits of the Russian academic staff to Europe

The participants decided on the period of academic staff visits from Russia to Europe. European partners suggested that the Russian staff come to British Universities in the beginning of February. Lars Hassel suggested the middle of January for those who come to Abo Akademi.

Discussion of the Budget

Lars Hassel (Grant Contractor) went through the budget to make sure that every participant has an idea how much money may be spent on every activity. The reporting principles were given again an additional attention.

The discussion continued on issues that needed to be further clarified.

Presentation by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor

Professor Mark Cleary at the Office of the Vice-Chancellor made a speech on the Plymouth University's international activities and ongoing projects. He also gave a small presentation of Plymouth University as one of prospective British universities.

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