on the visit to Luton University (Great Britain)
of Baikal State University of Economics and Law (Russia, Irkutsk)
International Economy Department lecturers
Natalia Prokop'eva, Maria Balashova and Albina Romanova

TACIS Tempus project CD_JEP 23209 2002

2 Feb 15 Feb 2006

The main object of their visit to Luton University was to establish contacts with the lecturers and to collect the necessary information for MSc-curriculum development in International Tourism and Strategic Management in International Business.

The meetings and discussions were held with:

  • Tim Stone, Director of Learning Resources;
  • Geoff Notcutt, Regional Director of the International Office;
  • Sue Bathmaker, Head of B&M Development;
  • Sudesh Sungray, lecturer of Finance and Accounting;
  • Peter Mason, Head of Tourism and Leasure.

Besides that they spent a lot of time in the library looking through the books and e-sources in order to develop the curriculum.

In consequence the draft version of curriculum in International Tourism and Strategic Management in International Business was created.

The Russian professors got acquainted with different kinds of post-graduate programs of the Luton University. They also participated in the Project Co-ordination Team farewell.


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