of Baikal State University of Economics and Law (Russia, Irkutsk) International Economy Department Dean Irina Tsvigoun and Project Manager Elena Meteleva on the visit to High School of Social Sciences CEMI-EHESS (France) TACIS Tempus project CD_JEP 23209 2002
3-9 November 2004

1. The main object of our visit to the High School of Social Sciences was to take part in the project planning meeting. Local coordinators of every Universities took part

Next issues were discussed during the planning meeting.

  • Activity plan for 2004/2005;
  • Activity plan for the whole project period;
  • Project budget for 2004/2005;
  • Total project budget;
  • Budget allocation among project partners.

Courses to be developed during the 2 nd project year:

  • European Accounting Standards (BSUEL)
  • European Financial Management (KSAEL)
  • Managing Financial Performance (KSAEL)
  • European Business Environment (BSUEL)
  • Financing and Crediting of International Business (USATU)
  • Financial Markets (ASTU)
  • Issues in Financial Reporting (ASTU)
  • Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development (USATU)

2. We also took part in the meeting with Jacques Sapir, the Director of High School of Social Sciences CEMI-EHESS , to discuss the possibility of establishing of sustainable cooperation and launching new joint international projects.

15 November 2004.

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