of Baikal State University of Economics and Law (Russia, Irkutsk)
International Economy Department lecturer
Chepinoga Oksana
on the visit to Luton University (Great Britain)
TACIS Tempus project CD_JEP 23209 2002
17-31 of March 2004

The main object of our visit to Luton University was to establish contacts with the lecturers and to collect the necessary information for MSc-curriculum development in European Business Law.
We were invited for some very interesting meetings:
-with Max Young, Head of Department of Law, Finance and Accounting; Lawyer; Lecturer in Contract Law;
-with David Meltzer, Lecturer in EU Law;
-with John Lodge, Senior lecturer in Law.
Several important problems concerning the course were discussed during the meetings: methods of delivering lectures, kinds of written papers, supporting materials for the classes, students knowledge evaluation system etc.
Besides that we spent a lot of time in the library looking through the books and e-sources in order to develop the curriculum.
In consequence the project of curriculum in European Business Law was created. The curriculum will include the following subjects:
1. Basis of the European Union and European Business Law.
2. EU Institutions.
3. Differentiation of competence spheres between EU Institutions and the national governmental authorities.
4. Common market.
5. Customs union and customs law of EU.
6. Economy and currency union.
7. Company Law.
8. Competition Law.
9. International commercial acts.
10. European Taxation.
11. Banking.
12. International transportation law.
13. EU-Russia economic relations.

Besides that there were some interesting meetings with peoples from different departments of Luton University:
-with Paul Burns, Dean of Luton Business School. The problems of undergraduate and postgraduate education were discussed during the meeting;
-with Richard Harris, Dean of Quality Assurance. He explained to us in details the procedure of new curriculums creating and approving;
-with Sandra Malone, Director of Marketing. We were informed of University marketing activities aiming at attracting students;
-with Sue Bathmaker, E-learning MBA Programme manager and Tempus Project Academic Coordinator;
-with Tricia Smart, Lecturer. We were present at the Intercultural training some kind of a role play;
-with Rob Carman, Head of Post Graduate Provision and Principal Lecturer in Management Accounting. We got acquainted with different kinds of post-graduates programs of Luton University.

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